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Waxing Denver, One Strip At A Time

Vert Beauty takes great pride in Waxing Denver because we stongly believe that we provide an unmatched level of service, care and comfort that any other boutique in the city. While other places may perform a few waxing services in a public setting, we make it a point to provide a level of privacy and relaxation to your experience. We created our waxing services by listening to our customers and combining the many years of training our estheticians have into an experience we would expect at a high end boutique.

VERT offers luxury waxing services performed with graceful technique at our Denver location. The aromatherapeutic and antiseptic benefits of organic essential oils with natural and organic products help soothe the skin before and after. Brow waxing includes shaping and highlight using our very own VERT Beauty products. Check out our Denver Waxing Menu below where you can also easily book your appointment.

Wax Menu

Brow Design – $25

VERT Beauty uses warm, compact strips, light tweezing, and a thorough cleansing and soothing process to prepare your eyebrow waxing for optimum shaping. Excess hair will be waxed, stripped and removed, and your eyebrows will be carefully molded to flatter your face and suit your brow line.

Lip Waxing – $12

That problematic area just above your lip will be gently cleansed and oiled to help align the hairs before removal. Next, your lip will be stripped and waxed in smooth and flowing strokes, until no excess hair remains.

Lip + Eyebrow Waxing – $35

This intricate two-step process of lip and eyebrow waxing focuses on the shaping of the eyebrow area and the cleaning and clearing of that problematic area just above the lip; with both procedures involving organic oils and gently applied strips.

Facial Area Waxing – $10

This short, simple procedure serves to enhance your already beautiful complexion. With the use of gentle strips and soothing organic oils, this selective treatment addresses those problematic ‘hot spots’ of unwanted hair that may be affecting certain regions of your face.

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Bikini Waxing – $35

This most sensitive of waxing procedures is administered with great care at VERT Beauty. Your ever-delicate bikini area will be soothed and pampered with organic oils and gentle strips, with one area at a time being slowly and methodically divested of all unwanted hair. The process itself is done step by step and with all attention paid to your comfort; the end result will be clean, smooth and gleaming.

More Than A French Waxing – $45

This most intimate and sensitive of waxings is treated with great delicacy at VERT Beauty. An intensive French waxing clears all bikini hair in the front (save for a small strip) and all hair in the central region, while the hair at the back remains. This most tender of procedures is completed slowly, methodically and step by step, and with the use of delicate organic oils and gentle strips.


Brazilian Waxing – $60

The best Brazilian waxing experience in Denver ranks among the most popular of our waxing treatments, and the most discussed waxing currently available on the skincare market. Before your Brazilian wax, shower thoroughly (no need to trim your hair before the procedure). Please arrive on time for your appointment as the Brazilian wax takes longer to perform than a lip or eyebrow waxing. We will have you lie on your back while your therapist goes to work. Your confidentiality will be protected via a towel, and you may be asked to lie in a frog-style project. A gentle warm patch affixed with organic wax will be applied with the greatest delicacy, one area at a time and to the intimate areas of your bikini region, up to the derriere area as well (if desired). Your Brazilian wax procedure will be completed with a session of organic after care; leaving you clean, relaxed, and ready to hit the beach!

Full Leg Waxing – $80

Get a leg up on the competition this summer with a full leg waxing! During this popular procedure, the entirety of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately, in the direction of your hair growth and from the front to the back of the leg, until your skin glows in a smooth and shiny sheen.

1/2 Leg Waxing – $45

The ½ leg waxing is particularly popular among those who favor the wearing of shorts and knee-length dresses during the warm weather season. During this procedure, half of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately from the knee down, in the direction of your hair growth and from front to back, until your skin glows in a clean, glimmering sheen. All oils used during and after the procedure are gentle and organic in nature, thus ensuring for a pleasant and soothing procedure.

picture of a woman sitting down who just got a Brazilian wax

Full Arm Waxing – $55

Whether you wear a bikini, a one piece, or a shirt and short set to the beach, then in all likelihood your arms will be fully exposed to public view. To avoid being ‘up in arms’ about your summer look, come in to VERT Beauty for a full arm waxing. Perhaps the least invasive and most comfortable of waxing procedures, this process involves a thorough waxing in the direction of hair growth. The arm will be cleansed with fine organic oils, then gently stripped in sizable sections from the elbow to the wrist, and finally from the shoulder to the elbow.

1/2 Arm Waxing – $40

Regardless of the length of the shirts that you wear during the warmer weather months, chances are the lower half of your arms and will be both exposed and fully visible to public view. This is why the ½ Arm Waxing is such a popular procedure; not to mention one of our least invasive and most comfortable. During this process, the portion of your arm that spans from the elbow to the wrist will be waxed downward and stripped upward, with the use of organic oils and in a manner that is gentle and deliberate.

Underarm Waxing – $20

For many women, the underarm stands as the single portion of the body that must be cleared of all unwanted hair; and furthermore, this precept is coming to apply to a great many men as well. For this reason, Underarm Waxing stands among the most traditional and highly requested waxing procedures. During this process, this ever-tender anatomical region is waxed in the direction of hair growth and stripped in the opposite direction, all with the use of a thin layer of organically prepared wax. This same area will be cleansed before and after the procedure, leaving your armpits smooth and hairless.

Chest Waxing – $50

Once considered the exclusive practice of models, actors and bodybuilders, the practice of chest waxing is now highly popular among just about anyone who wishes to achieve a clean, optimum look while in attendance at a beach or swimming pool. Before you come in for a scheduled chest waxing, trim the body hair to a quarter inch and clean the entire chest area. A thin and gently applied organic wax will be administered to four separate regions of the chest: upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right. Large strips of wax will be applied in a slow, soothing back and forth motion, with a thorough cleansing process taking place before and afterward.

Back Waxing – $50

The presence of back hair is often problematic for people of either gender, especially those whose backs are placed on full display on the beach, or through the wearing of backless dresses or sheer shirts. This is why the process of back waxing ranks as a highly popular waxing procedure. Through this process, the back is cleansed and waxed in a sequence of four sections: the upper left back, the upper right back, the lower lower left back, the lower right back. Thick strips of organic wax are gently applied and removed in a sequential manner, until all hair is removed.

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