Cocovit Coconut Oil


picture of Cocovit Coconut Oil
picture of Cocovit Coconut Oil

Cocovit Coconut Oil

In case you haven’t noticed, coconut oil is having a moment. Supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Gisele swear by the stuff, and women everywhere are going coco-nuts too. Enter the Cocovít Coconut Oil Craze. This multitasking beauty oil isn’t like the coconut oil you can find at your local grocery store. This pretty tub has an exceptionally pure and potent form of coconut oil, and is USDA and Fair Trade USA certified. The formula is harvested from fresh organic coconuts from an eco-reserve in South India. It heatless extraction process maximizes nutrient and enzyme potency and leaves the oil raw and untouched—just as nature intended. This luxurious Cocovit Coconut Oil calms, soothes and conditions just about anything, and it’s excellent for all ages, skin and hair types.

HOW TO USE – Cocovit Coconut Oil

There are very few beauty products that we can say are cure-alls, but this can be used for practically anything—from removing makeup to moisturizing dry patches. Use it as a makeup remover, body moisturizer your face and body, deep conditioning hair mask, frizz tamer and shaving balm—the possibilities are endless.

USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified.


– Facial Moisturizer

– Body Moisturizer

– Makeup Remover

– Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

– Shaving Balm

Ingredients – Cocovit Coconut Oil

100% Pure, Raw Coconut Oil {cocos nucifera}

USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified.


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