Captain Blankenship Oral Bath Salts


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Captain Blankenship Oral Bath Salts

Captain Blankenship’s Oral Bath Salts is a citrus floral blend of organic essential oils that will engulf you in bright notes. A calming blend of sea salt and epsom salt, Captain Blankenship’s Oral Bath Salts helps detox and soften the skin. Sea salt is packed with beneficial minerals and nutrients that help open up pores and leave a radiant glow. It also carries many health benefits for the body, including improving circulation and muscle cramps. Epsom Salts are not actually salts but a natural compound of magnesium and sulfate. Both minerals are easily absorbed by the skin. Sulfates help flush our body of toxins and ease muscle pain. Magnesium is the perfect antidote to stress as it helps the body to produce serotonin. Captain Blankenship’s Oral Bath Salts is a golden mix of essential oils and salts that will uplift your mood and relax your spirit.

How To Apply – Captain Blankenship Oral Bath Salts

Shake ¼ to ½ cup of salts into warm (or cold) bath or as desired. Relax, soak and enjoy.


Pacific Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Organic Essential Oils of Rose Geranium, Blood Orange and Bergamot.



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