May Lindstrom Skincare + an Evening of Indulgence with May


     May Lindstrom Skin was born from an intention to restore connection to your skin while igniting the recognition of your unique beauty. In other words, her skincare line is a cleansing ritual rather than a cleansing routine. Combining your own touch with the highest quality plant oils, minerals, and herbs makes for an indulgent experience with equally powerful results.


Meet May

May Lindstrom Skin ultimate luxury skincare experience

   From a very early age, May discovered that she had highly sensitive skin that would break out in blisters, rashes, spots of eczema and various forms of dermatitis when out of balance.

After trying countless traditional skincare lines that only seemed to make the issue worse, she realized her best option was to delve deep into the study of plant medicine and create formulas that would target her own challenges and skin care goals.

   What she found in treating her own skin is that the powerful plant blends she created had the ability to ease the discomfort of severe skin issues such as post-trauma from burns and injuries, acne, eczema, rosacea and any kind of skin inflammation similar to what she experienced.


May Lindstrom Clean Dirt Cellular Rejuvenation

Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it. That is why May’s philosophy is to utilize the very best possible ingredients, which happen to come from the Earth. Just like with food, pesticide free, organically grown ingredients have higher nutrient levels and are free from chemical residues, which makes it the absolute best quality skin care, or skin food, if you will.


There are six products in the entire line

May Lindstrom Best Facial Denver Co

The Pendulum Potion– a complete cleanse


The Honey Mud– a gentle enzyme cleanser /mask


The Problem Solver– the most powerful skin-clearing mask


The Jasmine Garden – an aromatic hydration spray


The Youth Dew – the ultimate anti-aging oil


The Blue Cocoon– healing beauty balm (and most luxurious)


What Makes it Special?

May Lindstrom Skin The Pendulum Lotion Complete Cleansing Oil

No matter your skin care concern, these products will work synergistically with your skin to reach the root of the issue in order to heal and bring comfort.


Here are my must-have products and WHY


Acne-Prone Skin Ritual:

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud Masque

Honey Mud: Gentle Cleanse/ Mask

Key ingredients: raw honey, cocoa oleoresin, white halloysite clay.

Benefits: calming, hydrating, cleansing


The Problem Solver: Skin clearing mask/ effective spot treatment

Key Ingredients: Fuller’s Earth Clay, cinnamon, activated bamboo charcoal

Benefits: detoxifying, anti-inflammatory


The Clean Dirt: To brighten and decongest

Key Ingredients:


The Blue Cocoon: The STAR of the ritual- moisturizing and healing

Key Ingredients: Blue tansy oil, helichrysum, schisandra berry

Benefits: soothing, healing, nourishing


PRO TIP: Mix a bit of The Blue Cocoon with The Problem Solver and apply to active breakouts and heal severe cystic acne and reduce inflammation. (Make an appointment and we’ll give you the Blue Cocoon best facial in Denver Co)



May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon

If you want to learn more pro tips and the full May Lindstrom Ritual, join us for a memorable evening of indulgence and connection to your own skin over an intimate chat with May Lindstrom of May Lindstrom Skin. Bring a friend and enjoy champagne and chocolates while experiencing a hands-on exploration of her complete, exquisite collection.

We encourage you to tie back your hair and don your favorite cozy outfit or pajamas and get ready to fully treat your every sense. We’ll begin with The Pendulum Potion and move through each experience to completion (the yumminess of The Honey Mud, the power of The Problem Solver, the magic of the infamous Blue Cocoon!). You will leave feeling relaxed, renewed, and loving your fresh glow.

When: Saturday, July 28th from 7-9pm.

A Special Treat for You: Receive a complete collection of deluxe samples and the May Lindstrom Skin treatment brush – a must-have tool for your beauty arsenal.

RSVP now, there is limited space available for this intimate event.

* $75 booking fee. Redeemable towards any May Lindstrom purchase made on 7/28/2018.




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