Introducing SkinOwl

Introducing SkinOwl

The origin story of many natural brands is the same: Someone who was already in the beauty industry struggled with her own skin issues, and couldn’t find a product that worked for her. Lots of money and time later, she decided to fill that whole in the market with products that feature the ingredients that changed her skin.

It’s the same story for SkinOwl, VERT Beauty’s latest brand—with a catch. Founder Annie Tevelin, former makeup artist for commercial and music videos, took it a step further by getting a post-graduate certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry. She went from trusting dermatologists and salespeople from luxury brands with her skin, to really knowing what worked for her.

From her knowledge emerged SkinOwl, a potent and natural skincare line that benefits all skin types. Annie’s motivation for creating the line was to treat her own cystic acne, not to start a business. But when she realized the different skincare experience she got from natural, plant-based ingredients, she had to share it.

What started as Annie playing around in her kitchen and sharing her concoction with a small Facebook group of friends has grown to an international skincare company that gives results overnight (one of Annie’s three goals for the line). Her first potion cleared her personal acne in less than 40 days, and now she’s sharing it with the world.

The line is beautifully sourced, masterfully blended and scented like the best kind of perfume. VERT is so proud to be able to share the line with you, so let’s dive a bit deeper into a few hero products from SkinOwl.


Annie searched far and wide for the maqui berry, the world’s strongest fruit antioxidant. Those antioxidants and phytochemicals help neutralize DNA-damaging free radicals and reduce cell damage. She combined this miracle berry with baobab oil, which is known for its high vitamin C content (six times more than an orange!), and can help lighten acne scars and dark spots. The result is that dull skin becomes more radiant, congested skin appears clearer and uneven tone and texture is smoothed. Plus, it smells incredible, thanks to the addition of vanilla and tangerine.


SkinOwl’s most recent release, the Beauty Whip is unlike any product I’ve ever tried. It’s somehow both a mask AND a makeup primer. So you can use it as a treatment that you wash off, or you can layer it underneath your foundation for smoother application. Its main ingredient is aloe, which is antibacterial and incredibly hydrating. Combined with ingredients like olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil and rosehip seed oil, the Beauty Whip functions like one of those silicone-filled primers from high-end conventional makeup brands. It smoothes pores, plumps and hydrates, without suffocating skin.



This is my favorite product from the line, hands down (and that’s saying a lot, given the results of the line’s face oils and the Beauty Whip!). Eye+ is an incredibly light, moisturizing and firming eye gel. Aloe makes an appearance again, and combined with hyaluronic acid, it soothes and firms the under-eye, making it a morning-routine must-have. Cucumber fruit helps depuff, while licorice and periwinkle ensure the great-for-skin ingredients penetrate deeper than skin’s top layer. It’s a cult favorite and can double as a full-face moisturizer in a pinch, especially during warmer months. Since it targets puffiness, I don’t travel without it—it’s the perfect post-flight pick-me-up!

Shop the whole SkinOwl line at VERT Beauty.

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