Green Beauty 101: 5 Easy Ways to Swap Your Conventional Products for Nontoxic Options

The recent hype about natural, organic beauty products might have you wondering if you should take the leap into cleaner cosmetics. Since about 60 percent of what we put ON our skin (including makeup, lotions, fragrances, oils and balms) makes its way into our bodies, it’s smart to pick products with ingredients that aren’t potentially…

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BUSTED – 6 Common Sunscreen Myths

The sun is the greatest threat to our skin’s health and youth. While time causes chronological aging, the sun causes “photo-aging” which attributes to sun spots, collagen loss, and uneven skin texture. There are two types of ultraviolet light, Ultraviolet B rays and Ultraviolet A rays; both increase your chance of sun damage and skin…

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A Denver artist’s guide to achieving a green beauty wedding makeup look, stress free!

A Denver artist’s guide to achieving a beautiful wedding makeup look, stress free! Your BIG Day is coming up! You’re about to marry your best friend and love of your life in front of your families, friends and loved ones. The last few months have been filled with cake testings, dress fittings, catering calls, flower arrangements,…

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Organic Makeup Creates Timeless Look

 Timeless Organic Makeup Last month, VERT beauty was featured in Renee Loiz’s blog as she took the style reigns for hair and makeup on the Fall/Winter 2017 collection for the kid’s clothing line, Noro Paris. We really enjoyed having our organic makeup products in the hands of an exceptional makeup artist like Renee who she shares…

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Post Bridal Work-Out Touch Up

If you are a summertime bride, chances are you have begun your pre-wedding work out routine. Spring is here and a run in one of Denver’s many fabulous parks sounds more and more appealing. I often get asked by my brides what should be in their gym bags for a post work-out beauty routine to…

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