From Brazilian Wax to Eyebrow Waxing 2017 Guide

picture of a woman sitting down who just got a Brazilian wax

It’s that Brazilian Wax Time of the Year Again Denver!

Now is the time to visit your neighborhood green beauty spa and take advantage of our Brazilian wax services!

As the warmer months approach and winter begins to close, the thoughts of many turn to the beaches; a place where we leave behind the stress and strain of everyday existence and lose ourselves in the sublime radiance of sparkling gem blue waters, azure skies, and golden sands of paradise. Yet before you gather up your newly purchased bikini’s and beach blanket and head for the crystalline shores, you just might pause to remember that you have been neglecting a certain formidable area during the Denver winter months in need of a professional Brazilian Wax. The last thing you want when going to Spring Break, the pool, or on vacation is razor burn or an overgrown bikini line.  As much as your eyes will be gazing in keen admiration at all of the natural beauty that surrounds you—the eyes of other will be on you.

Throughout the course of every warm weather season, a few women (and men) of summer seem to stand out above the rest; drawing the appreciative heed of all around them with their smooth, glowing skin, gleaming complexions and all natural beauty. Indeed, these glamorous but somehow earthy beings seem to have emerged from the waters before them pure and radiant; or to have been carved and molded from the very bronzed sands on which they now traipse.

picture of kaitlyn Carter with a brazilian wax

The secret behind their allure, however, is far easier to ascertain; and, for that matter, far simpler to attain. And if they happen to liken those mystical and peerless figures of wax we see at museums, well there just may be a very good reason for that.

Before these bikini babies headed en masse to their favorite tropical retreats, they in all likelihood went first to their favorite luxury spa, to get a thorough and intensive Body Waxing treatment.

Indeed, long considered an elite and particularly uncomfortable procedure reserved for spoiled housewives, today’s waxing services are affordable and painless treatments enjoyed by everyone from college students to career women, homemakers to retirees, models to dancers and athletes, and—yes—even men! 

Even so, you may at this point be asking yourself….

picture of a woman with a brazilian wax procedure done by brazilian wax expert

Why Body Wax?

Body Waxing is one of the most popular and beneficial beauty treatments currently available in today’s ever growing skincare market. Waxing involves a removal of body hair; leaving behind a smooth, glowing surface and a confidence that reigns as unparalleled.

picture of a woman with a brazilian wax bikini line on a pink inflatable swanIn the wake of a successful waxing treatment by a Brazilian wax expert, you feel ready to take on the world—or, shock of all shocks, the beach! You feel ready to showcase your physique in your new Frankies or Tobi  bikini, enjoying the sun fancy free and swimming in the water with no fear of unwanted body hair or stubbly skin making an unwanted appearance to hinder the peerless effect.

And once you take leave of the beach, you can feel free to don that favorite sundress, strapless minidress, or high romper and head out for a night on the town; knowing full well as you dine and dance that your ebullient skin will easily withstand the scrutiny of hot lights. And when you head out with your friends for a day of beach volleyball or shopping at an outdoor mall, you will present the picture of pristine cuteness in your summer shirts and mini tees. 

People both young and old are taking advantage of these increasingly popular full body waxing. Various studies report that the vast majority of females do some form of body waxing, and have throughout their lives. And while most women do have leg shavers on hand at home, some feel that leg waxing is more thorough in its results; leaving behind no stubble, sting or roughness, always ensuring for smooth and shining results.

If so desired, the waxing process can remove sizable amounts of hair for extended time periods. As opposed to shaving every other day, one may be able to wax every few weeks; confident that their skin will remain clean and hairless for a longer time period.

In addition, the process of waxing tends to encompass a larger area than shaving, and in a more expedient amount of time. And body waxing is a process that most literally addresses the root of the problem; cutting the hair off at the root to prevent expedient regrowth. Indeed, some who have waxed for long periods of time may find that their hair takes far longer to grow back—if at all. This permanent result is not guaranteed, of course; but over time, it has been found that long term waxing can get the hair—please forgive us—out of a person’s hair!

Body Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

And while laser hair removal is indeed a popular service these days, it is also a procedure that may fall outside the price range of a good number of individuals. Laser hair removal works by penetrating the skin to target the hair shaft and inhibit hair growth. It essentially destroys the follicle, meaning it can achieve permanent removal. Typically, the hair in treated areas falls out within 2-3 weeks. The laser treatment targets the melanin in the hair, so it’s not suited for people with dark skin or pale hair. The laser needs to be able to lock on to the dark pigment in order to differentiate the dark hair from the skin. 

Laser hair removal can be extremely painful! Our estheticians and patrons at our boutique who have tried laser hair removal describe it as a “snapping”, “shocking” or “burning” sensation against and under their skin from the laser. This procedure must be performed by a dermatologist and takes multiple treatments for best results, and may grow back years after treatments. With the average cost in the amount of $115-$375 per treatment, this hair removal can set you back financially. Persons looking for a more affordable alternative, one they can indulge in every month or so if needed, might opt for wax over lasers.

picture of a woman receiving laser hair removal procedure

The person in your life is certain to appreciate your fresh, glamorous new look after your Brazilian wax; one that looks and feels good close up, and that definitely lends itself when wearing your intimates. And you yourself will get a special and exquisite treat every time you look in the mirror; staring at the reflection of the sublime summer beauty (or, for that matter, that sizzling summer hunk) you’ve always wished to become.

Even those totally unconcerned with tropical vacations, the pool, or the Colorado Summers who are not usually ones to partake in any brand of cosmetic procedure, might find much to like about body waxing. Indeed, some people might find themselves embarrassed or self-conscious about the presence of unwanted hair somewhere on their bodies; whether it might be growing just above their lip, from their chin, or even out of their ears.

These unwanted hair growths might arise with age or be the result of a hormonal issue; and those who experience this unwanted nuisance should consult their physicians whenever it occurs. And if their doctor gives them the go ahead, they may seek out waxing as part of the remedy for this all too common dermatological problem.

“But isn’t waxing really painful?”

Do Brazilian Waxes Have to Hurt?

Indeed, no one particularly savors the moment when they strip off the tape (“Ouch!!!”), but when the procedure is administered properly by a Brazilian wax expert, waxing does not have to hurt! And at VERT Beauty, we pride ourselves on being the premier Brazilian waxing boutique in Denver CO and how we administer our virtually painless technique. We just might be able to prove that a Brazilian wax can be an enjoyable, we daresay therapeutic experience.

VERT’s extensive menu of luxurious waxing services such as a Brazilian wax and eyebrow wax address at least a dozen separate areas of one’s body. Each treatment is performed by licensed estheticians with the aid of organic essential oils that hold both aromatherapeutic and antiseptic benefits — also with the aid of a gentle and practiced technique that minimizes discomfort. Aside from leaving your skin smooth and hairless, these oils will serve to nourish and hydrate the skin; leaving the treated area feeling soft and silky, as opposed to raw and itchy.

Indeed, the use of gentle and soothing products can make all the difference when it comes to the waxing procedure; and if you go in to your appointment relaxed and with the right attitude, then you just may find that the procedure itself is just as relaxing and rejuvenating as any other skin treatment.

So in the wake of one of these exemplary waxing treatments, you are likely to feel just as good as you look. In addition, you will receive this treatment in a private, tranquil and beautifully designed setting that also is sure to lend itself to your ultimate comfort. And before heading home, you may want to purchase a sampling of our organic, environmentally sound beauty products to incorporate into your personal skincare regime.

And when it comes to waxing, our exclusive menu offers a service for virtually every anatomical area.

Shape and highlight your eyebrows, leave your lip feeling smooth and kissable; get a combo waxing that takes care of both areas! Wax your full face or facial area, or wax that ever sensitive bikini area via a Bikini, French or Brazilian wax; or take an extra step and go for a combination bikini and upper leg waxing.

Bikini and Brazilian waxing (full leg) are also available. Also, for those interested in maintaining and prettifying their most visible appendages, there is a full range of treatments available for the arm and leg area. You could choose a bikini and full leg waxing, Brazilian and full leg waxing, a full leg waxing, a ½ leg waxing, a full arm waxing, a ½ arm waxing, and an underarm waxing.

picture of the workplace of a brazilian wax expert

Vert Beauty Waxing Room

Chest and back waxing is also available, as these two areas are readily and fully visible when one wears swimsuits, shirt and short sets, summery dresses, and virtually any other warm weather clothing. We got your back, most literally—along with your front!

VERT Beauty’s full menu of body waxing services address just about every part that has hair; and each procedure listed is completed in a sensitive, efficient and professional manner with the use of products that are equally kind to your body and the environment.


Explore VERT Beauty’s full menu of deluxe waxing services:

Eyebrow Waxing – Cost: $18

VERT Beauty uses warm, compact strips, light tweezer usage, and a thorough cleansing and soothing process to prepare your eyebrow waxing for optimum shaping. Excess hair will be waxed, stripped and removed, and your eyebrows will be carefully molded to flatter your face and suit your brow line. 

Lip Waxing – Cost: $12

That problematic area just above your lip will be gently cleansed and oiled to help align the hairs before removal. Next, your lip will be stripped and waxed in smooth and flowing strokes, until no excess hair remains. 

Lip and Eyebrow Waxing – Cost: $25

This intricate two-step process of lip and eyebrow waxing focuses on the shaping of the eyebrow area and the cleaning and clearing of that problematic area just above the lip; with both procedures involving organic oils and gently applied strips.


Full Face Waxing (including Eyebrow Waxing) – Cost: $45

Imagine your entire visage being cleansed and molded like a fine sculpture—and to downright splendorous effect. Your eyebrows and the space between them, your cheeks and chin, and other sensitive areas will be cleared of any unwanted hair; and with the use of mild botanical oils that merge to create a glowing façade. What a great way to save face! 

Facial Area Waxing – Cost: $10

This short, simple procedure serves to enhance your already beautiful complexion. With the use of gentle strips and soothing organic oils, this selective treatment addresses those problematic ‘hot spots’ of unwanted hair that may be affecting certain regions of your face. 

Bikini Waxing – Cost: $30

This most sensitive of waxing procedures is administered with great care at VERT Beauty. Your ever-delicate bikini area will be soothed and pampered with organic oils and gentle strips, with one area at a time being slowly and methodically divested of all unwanted hair. The process itself is done step by step and with all attention paid to your comfort; the end result will be clean, smooth and gleaming. 

More Than a French Waxing – Cost: $40

This most intimate and sensitive of waxings is treated with great delicacy at VERT Beauty. An intensive French waxing clears all bikini hair in the front (save for a small strip) and all hair in the central region, while the hair at the back remains. This most tender of procedures is completed slowly, methodically and step by step, and with the use of delicate organic oils and gentle strips. 

Brazilian Wax – Cost: $60

The best Brazilian waxing experience in Denver ranks among the most popular of our waxing treatments, and the most discussed waxing currently available on the skincare market. Before your Brazilian wax, shower thoroughly (no need to trim your hair before the procedure). Please arrive on time for your appointment as the Brazilian wax takes longer to perform than a lip or eyebrow waxing. We will have you lie on your back while your therapist goes to work. Your confidentiality will be protected via a towel, and you may be asked to lie in a frog-style project. A gentle warm patch affixed with organic wax will be applied with the greatest delicacy, one area at a time and to the intimate areas of your bikini region, up to the derriere area as well (if desired). Your Brazilian wax procedure will be completed with a session of organic after care; leaving you clean, relaxed, and ready to hit the beach! 

Bikini and Upper Leg Waxing – Cost: $55

To really ready yourself for beach season, come in for a combination bikini and upper leg waxing. Each leg will be waxed and stripped separately, in the direction of your hair growth and from front to back, until your skin glows in a clean, shiny sheen. Then the waxing will progress upward to your bikini area, which will be waxed and stripped one section at a time, until you are clean of hair and bikini ready. 

Bikini and Full Leg Waxing – Cost: $75

You will be more than ready for bikini season when you undergo the full combination Bikini and Full Leg Waxing. The entirety of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately, in the direction of your hair growth and from the front to the back of the leg, until your skin radiates in a smooth and shiny sheen. Then the waxing will proceed to cover the bikini region, with different areas waxed and stripped individually for full and radiant effect. 

Brazilian Wax and Full Leg Waxing – Cost: $95

For the full and hairless lower body look so greatly desired during the spring and summer months, Come into VERT for the Full Leg and Brazilian waxing boutique experience. Before your Brazilian wax, shower thoroughly (please make sure NOT to trim your hair before the procedure). Please arrive in a timely manner for your appointment as the Brazilian wax takes a bit longer to perform than a lip or eyebrow waxing. We will have you lie on your back while your therapist goes to work.. Your privacy will be protected via a towel, and you may be asked to recline in a frog-style project. A gentle warm patch affixed with organic wax will be applied with the greatest delicacy, one area at a time and to the tender areas of your bikini region—and, if desired, to the derriere area as well. Your Brazilian Wax procedure also will include a full leg waxing; when the entirety of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately, in the direction of your hair growth and from the front to the back of the leg, until your skin glimmers in a smooth and shiny sheen. 

Full Leg Waxing – Cost: $55

Get a leg up on the competition this summer with a full leg waxing! During this popular procedure, the entirety of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately, in the direction of your hair growth and from the front to the back of the leg, until your skin glows in a smooth and shiny sheen.

½ Leg Waxing – Cost: $30

The ½ leg waxing is particularly popular among those who favor the wearing of shorts and knee-length dresses during the warm weather season. During this procedure, half of each leg will be waxed and stripped separately from the knee down, in the direction of your hair growth and from front to back, until your skin glows in a clean, glimmering sheen. All oils used during and after the procedure are gentle and organic in nature, thus ensuring for a pleasant and soothing procedure. 

Full Arm Waxing – Cost: $35

Whether you wear a bikini, a one piece, or a shirt and short set to the beach, then in all likelihood your arms will be fully exposed to public view. To avoid being ‘up in arms’ about your summer look, come in to VERT Beauty for a full arm waxing. Perhaps the least invasive and most comfortable of waxing procedures, this process involves a thorough waxing in the direction of hair growth. The arm will be cleansed with fine organic oils, then gently stripped in sizable sections from the elbow to the wrist, and finally from the shoulder to the elbow.

½ Arm Waxing – Cost: $25

Regardless of the length of the shirts that you wear during the warmer weather months, chances are the lower half of your arms and will be both exposed and fully visible to public view. This is why the ½ Arm Waxing is such a popular procedure; not to mention one of our least invasive and most comfortable. During this process, the portion of your arm that spans from the elbow to the wrist will be waxed downward and stripped upward, with the use of organic oils and in a manner that is gentle and deliberate. 

Underarm Waxing – Cost: $20

For many women, the underarm stands as the single portion of the body that must be cleared of all unwanted hair; and furthermore, this precept is coming to apply to a great many men as well. For this reason, Underarm Waxing stands among the most traditional and highly requested waxing procedures. During this process, this ever-tender anatomical region is waxed in the direction of hair growth and stripped in the opposite direction, all with the use of a thin layer of organically prepared wax. This same area will be cleansed before and after the procedure, leaving your armpits smooth and hairless. 

Chest Waxing – Cost: $40

Once considered the exclusive practice of models, actors and bodybuilders, the practice of chest waxing is now highly popular among just about anyone who wishes to achieve a clean, optimum look while in attendance at a beach or swimming pool. Before you come in for a scheduled chest waxing, trim the body hair to a quarter inch and clean the entire chest area. A thin and gently applied organic wax will be administered to four separate regions of the chest: upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right. Large strips of wax will be applied in a slow, soothing back and forth motion, with a thorough cleansing process taking place before and afterward. 

Back Waxing – Cost: $40

The presence of back hair is often problematic for people of either gender, especially those whose backs are placed on full display on the beach, or through the wearing of backless dresses or sheer shirts. This is why the process of back waxing ranks as a highly popular waxing procedure. Through this process, the back is cleansed and waxed in a sequence of four sections: the upper left back, the upper right back, the lower lower left back, the lower right back. Thick strips of organic wax are gently applied and removed in a sequential manner, until all hair is removed. 

Do I Need to Prepare for My Eyebrow or Brazilian Waxing Session?

The vast majority of cosmetic procedures require next to nothing in the way of advance preparation. While some may wish to wash their hair before visiting their beautician, or their faces before receiving a facial, many people choose to leave all of the work to their estheticians.

Yet due to the intricacy and delicacy of the waxing procedure, even when gently and professionally administered, those who wish to wax are advised to put into motion a brief and fairly basic period of prep before attending their appointment; one that stands applicable regardless of the specific anatomical region that one wishes to wax.

Once you have selected the area of your waxing procedure, set an appointment that aligns well with your schedule. Depending on the area of the body being waxed, each procedure should take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete.

Ah, but when it comes to waxing, the scheduling of the appointment is only the beginning. Most estheticians advise that you follow an intensive, multi-faceted procedure that will ready and prepare you for your first waxing procedure.

picture of a woman getting a body waxing

Although the first step of this prep might seem counterproductive, you soon will see the method behind our madness as we ask you to let your body hair grow before we go and wax it all off! Now do allow us to explain; very short hair, especially for a Brazilian waxing, is more challenging to grip and wax, thus possibly resulting in additional pain throughout the procedure. Let your hair grow for a period of two to three weeks between appointments, or until the hair stands to an eighth to one quarter of an inch for leg, underarm and bikini hair.

The second step in the prep process involves a close and thorough inspection of the skin areas that you wish to have waxed. Be certain that the skin area is completely clear of blemishes and inflammations, and also take note of any moles or beauty marks that should be treated with upmost care.

And as always, it is extremely important to hydrate the skin before—and, for that matter, after—the waxing process. Just as a tall, cool glass of water will nourish and ensure the health of your insides, a good hydrating cream will do much to fortify and sustain your skin; along with intensifying its softness and pliability, and lowering the possibility of skin irritation during the waxing itself. This step might be particularly important for males who wax, as their skin might be a bit more rough, patchy and prickly than those possessed by their female counterparts. Ah, but rest assured; real men do moisturize, especially if they don’t wish to end up in the same predicament as Steve Carell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin, whose own waxing experience was so pitifully painful that he made a heated exclamation now recorded in the annals of classic comedy (“Kelly Clarkson!”)

Next, exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation, generally defined as the scrubbing away of old dead skin cells, is an integral part of many women’s beauty routines as well as all facials. This replenishing and invigorating process also stands as a necessary part of the waxing preparation process. When applied to a surface of exfoliated skin, the wax will grasp more easily and readily onto hair follicles. Just remember to scrub gently if performing your own exfoliation procedure, particularly on the day of the waxing. Hard scrubbing might intensify the skin’s sensitivity to pain and discomfort. 

Along the same lines, even the replenishing, rejuvenating process of moisturizing can be problematic when practiced in conjunction with the waxing treatment. Indeed, excessive moisturizing just prior to waxing can serve to soften the hold and grip of the wax. Moisturize in moderation just prior to waxing, to achieve the very best results.

picture of a woman getting a full body waxing

And speaking of skin creams; the popular retinol-based creams tend to increase and enhance the overall sensitivity of the skin. You may, therefore, wish to refrain from using these and similar creams in the weeks prior to your procedure; or, for that matter, to take any medication that might thin or dry the skin, unless of course this medication is necessary for your overall health. In this case, advise your technician regarding your use of these meds.

Now to get just a wee bit personal; if you choose to get a Brazilian waxing, then be certain to clean this area thoroughly before your treatment. This probably goes without saying, yet to prevent the development of bacteria and infection in your most sensitive anatomical region, it is particularly important to clean and maintain this ever sensitive area. 

On the day of the waxing itself, be sure to wear comfortable and loosely fitting clothing that will permit easy access to areas in need of treatment. You also may wish to avoid the wearing of body jewelry on this day, or basically any obstruction that might restrain your Brazilian wax expert from doing a thorough and unhindered job.

Arrive on time for your appointment, or a bit early if possible. And during the procedure itself, try to relax and follow the instructions of your trained practitioner; also taking care to let them know if you at any point feel pained or uncomfortable. After the procedure, inspect the results to ensure that your waxing was performed in a thorough and professional manner, meeting all of your needs and requirements for the perfect waxing experience.

What Happens After the Waxing?

Following your appointment with our Brazilian wax expert, continue to hydrate and exfoliate your skin. You want to keep your skin smooth and healthful at all times, and particularly in preparation for your next waxing treatment. Certain activities to avoid, by contrast, would include shaving between waxing appointments, as well as tanning, steaming (as in visiting a sauna or steam room) and spray tanning within 24 hours after the procedure. In areas of thick hair that could become irritated, like after a Brazilian wax or lip waxing, make sure to moisturize, which soothes and decreases the skin redness than may occur post procedure. For facial waxing after care, we recommend using CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm, which is a cure-all balm that is uniquely formulated with an exclusive blend of Tumeric. The thick salve is all natural and petrolatum free, and coats skin to create a soothing barrier that traps in moisture. For post Brazilian wax procedures and all other body waxing, we recommend using Native Atlas Refiner Liquid Exfoliant during this process to nourish your irritated skin. It’s infused with organic aloe that moisturizes and heals with it’s antibacterial capability, while thyme works with witch hazel to reduce swelling and redness. If you looking for something a little less pricey than Native Atlas, we recommend you pick up Dr. Alkaitis Soothing gel. This gel is an anti-bacterial treatment that heals irritation, reduces redness, and leaves a soft, supple texture to your skin, perfect for after a Brazilian wax.  Dr. Alkaitis uses Aloe Vera as it’s base to intensely hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while calming down inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. This gel is also great for those cold and windy days in Denver or after a full day on the slopes.

Brazilian Wax Expert

If you wish to establish a regular schedule of Brazilian wax treatments, then most experts recommend that you undergo the procedure about once monthly. Aside from maintaining the clean, slick and polished look that most of us crave during the warmer months (or anytime, really), the increased frequency of treatments is liable to make your skin less sensitive to the entire waxing process. Translation: The more you wax, the less likely you are to squirm and cry out the name of a popular recording artist every time you wax. And if you undergo an organically based treatment by a Brazilian waxing expert who is professional and thoroughly administered, then hopefully your initial waxing experience will be just as pleasant and nonintrusive as the rest.

picture of a Brazilian waxing boutique in Denver CO

VET Beauty Brazilian waxing boutique in Denver CO.

Enjoy the results!

While many people regard the waxing experience as a procedure completed for others (whether they be the strangers who see you on the beach, or the special loved one at home), this singular health and beauty treatment can in truth be something that you do just for you.

In the wake of a successful and highly therapeutic waxing, you are bound to feel cleaner, fresher, more confident and attractive, and ready to take on the world; whatever your personal version or variation of the world might comprise. Whether you are preparing for a day at the beach or in the boardroom, an evening out with friends or alone with the special someone in your life, a good waxing will serve to strengthen—not only your skin—but your body, mind and spirit as well.

Wax on!

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