Meet The Magical Foundation Our Makeup Artists Swear By: Kosas Tinted Face Oil

    Behold! The most magical foundations our VERT estheticians and makeup artists swear by! Introducing Kosas Tinted Face Oil…get ready to fall head-over-heels in love. Why You’ll Love It Kosas Tinted Face Oil is a feather-weight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir. Three types of pigment are delivered in a base of six…

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Beauty From Within: Jane Iredale Supplements + Event With Global Educator

  The absolute best way to nourish skin passed surface level is to treat it from within. Taking vitamin-rich skin supplements is my favorite way to get the skin results products alone can’t always help. Using quality skin care is important, but if you are looking for next level results, the skin care supplements from Jane…

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Osmia Organics and Innersense Organic Beauty + Wellness Ritual EVENT!

Osmia Organics and Innersense Organic Beauty +  Wellness Ritual EVENT!  Through the practice of self-care we are able to get in touch with our truest selves and understand what our bodies and minds need in order to flourish.  The founders of both Osmia Organics and Innersense Organic Beauty emphasize the importance of returning to our…

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Green Beauty 101: 5 Easy Ways to Swap Your Conventional Products for Nontoxic Options

The recent hype about natural, organic beauty products might have you wondering if you should take the leap into cleaner cosmetics. Since about 60 percent of what we put ON our skin (including makeup, lotions, fragrances, oils and balms) makes its way into our bodies, it’s smart to pick products with ingredients that aren’t potentially…

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Why Laurel Whole Plant Organics Is Top-Shelf Green Beauty

We’ve entered the era of natural beauty products where it’s not enough to just avoid potentially harmful ingredients in your formulations. Brands actually have to use potent, high quality and unique ingredients in synergistic ways. Laurel Whole Plant Organics has been doing that since its inception—and you can seriously tell the difference. I met founder…

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